Why Buy From EV Chargers Direct?

As a UK based company, the EV and PHEV charging equipment we supply is in stock ready for next day delivery in the UK, we also send items all over the world with express couriers.

As drivers of electric vehicles ourselves, we use our charging cables and charge points every day and ensure that we supply only the most reliable, high quality and good value equipment available.

With thousands of customers to date, including hundreds of Motor Trade companies, we are trusted to deliver on our promises, often exceeding expectations.

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Portable Home Chargers

Audi A3 / A6 / A7 / A8 / E-Tron Charger, Home Charging Cable - 10amp EVSE - 5, 10, 15 or 20 meters long - UK to Type 2

From £239.00


CCS / Type 2 connector/gun wall holder, holster

From £39.00

Charge Point Cables

Chevrolet Bolt / Volt / Spark EV Charging Cable - Type 2 to Type 1 - 7kw / 32amp

From £159.00

Charge Points

Wallbox Pulsar Max 7kw EV Charge Point, Tethered Charger - Type 2

From £599.00